Moving Data At The Speed Of Light

X-lumin provides turn-key, interoperable systems for ground-to-space, ground-to-air and terrestrial point-to-point bidirectional communication through laser light.  For decades, experts have agreed that laser communication is the inevitable future of telecommunications, providing superior bandwidth, range, latency, mobility and expandability. The future is today.

Turbulence Mitigation​

We solved it. The XOS Turbulence Mitigation System™ is the most sophisticated solution to atmospheric turbulence on the market. X-lumin integrates AI-driven beam correction with groundbreaking proprietary software algorithms based on decades of direct research and development to deliver unparalleled reliability and resilience.


Data protection is at a turning point – 256-bit encryption will be meaningless as quantum computing comes into the market. X-lumin systems include Quantum Key Distribution with optional Quantum Key Encryption for the safest transfer of data possible. 

Faster than Fiber

Light travels through the air fast – about 300,000 km/second. But fiber optic cables are made of glass, and due to the refractive index of glass, light moves through fiber cables 30% slower than through the air.  This translates to a critical time when latency to access data is important. X-lumin delivers the lowest latency physically possible. 

Superior to RF

Radio Frequency is capped at limited bandwidth and range, and radiates unsafe electromagnetic waves in spillover, leakage and backscatter. Networks of RF satellites and dishes cannot safely satisfy the modern computing needs of 5G/6G, IoT, AI, or AR. Laser communication is 100% emissions-free, eye-safe, requires no spectrum and provides bandwidth of Terabytes per second over multiple miles. Laser is superior to RF in every way.

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