The X-lumin Corporation

The X-lumin Corporation

In Latin, “ex lumin” means “from light.”  Our purpose is to accelerate the technological capabilities of every industry through optical wireless communication services. We endow our customers with greater capacity to digitize, secure, and exchange vast volumes of data “from light.”

X-lumin brings 25 years of experience in long range (>1000km) atmospheric propagations of lasers for LADAR, Laser Imaging, SSA and Laser Communication and over 30 years of experience in turbulence mitigation and laser safety.

The early foundations of our services and solutions focused on universities and government agencies; X-lumin was founded in 2019 specifically to bring these leading-edge innovations to the commercial marketplace.

We are driven to push the boundaries of technology and elevate the standards that have broad impact across industries. We endeavor to create value for everyone by leapfrogging the limitations of antiquated communication systems and rapidly deploying the infrastructure required for the exploding IoT demands of today… we are bringing light to the world.

The Management Team

Diana LaTour
CEO, Co-founder, & Chairman of the Board
John Stryjewski, Ph.D.
CTO, Co-founder, & Board Member
Zev Suissa, M.B.A.
Chief Growth Officer
Louise Potter
Director of Finance and Administration
Jay Freeland
Board Member
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