Our whole-system solutions come with a versatile and comprehensive management platform, with turn-key equipment, software and servicing, including:

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All our products are interoperable, standardized and configurable, with 100% of components locally sourced, widely available or 3-D printed in-house, while embracing modular design and upgrade capability.

Ground to Air & Space

X-lumin’s Optical Ground Stations (OGS), are highly-configurable systems that provide superior ground-to-space and ground-to-air optical communication from anywhere in the world. OGS can be stand-alone or networked, with market-leading pointing and tracking capabilities, including; manual and automatic guiding, remote control, motion stabilization, video tracking, calibration and alignment, target acquisition and a highly configurable single interface.

Bidirectional Communication

Whether linked to LEO, MEO or GEO satellites or other space objects, OGS can establish and maintain bidirectional communication with availability day and night, 24/7, 365 days of the year.  With a state-of-the-art gimble and optional dome enclosure.

Space Situational Awareness Tracking

With the rapid growth of space objects, collecting high quality radiometrically and metrically calibrated imagery and light curves is increasingly important as a stand-alone system, or as an add-on to for ground to space communication. Flat field and two-point calibration images can be saved for immediate use in real-time visualization displays or stored for later analysis.

Precision Timing & Automation

OGS’s systems and servers allow for sub-microsecond synchronization to UTC, with optional quantum timing. Customized scripts allow for automation of all functions, with access from multiple remote locations to pass controls from one system to another where geographically distributed teams can collaborate with ease.

OGS systems are commercially available in partnership with BridgeComm, a Boeing company.

Terrestrial Point to Point

TeraLink is the only lasercom solution that can reliably deliver over 100Gbps across miles with no upper limit to speed. Each unit can deliver 12.8Tbps and multiple units can be sacked together. This is not theoretical – this is deployed and operational. We have achieved a radical breakthrough in ultra-high bandwidth, low-latency Free Space Optical Communication, and are delivering a minimum of 10x the bandwidth of our nearest competitor.

Future Proof

Need 100Gbps today and 12.8Tbps tomorrow… and 25.6Tbps next year?  No problem – Teralink is a highly configurable solution that is 100% field-upgradeable, and our flexible service plans allow for anytime-upgrades during the term.

Speed to Deployment

Establish miles of point-to-point connection in less than one day – no construction delays, and zero traffic impact. The nature of X-lumin’s optical systems are fiber-in, fiber-out… so you can have wireless “lit fiber” operational faster than fiber in the ground, with faster speeds than RF.

Never-Sever and Dig-Never

Unlike fiber cables, laser cannot be “cut” – so there is never a worry about digging up segments of street to repair accidentally severed cables. And since TeraLink is point to point in the air, we are a dig-never approach — saving countless hours of excavation, construction delays and traffic.

Over the river and through the woods

TeraLink is a perfect “fiber extension” tool for middle mile applications where lakes, rivers, mountains and RF-Denied zones get in the way of deployment. Eliminate the need for slant drilling, under water, long-range detours, or Right Of Way negotiations and fees – TeraLink can easily establish a line-of-sight, point-to-point connection over miles of range.

Underserved, Unserved and Extreme High Cost Thresholds

Some locations present challenges to reach with fiber or RF.  Whether it’s a matter of distance to a core network, inability to dig through granite mountains or other high-cost challenges, unlock access to full broadband for all at a lower cost by adding TeraLink into your infrastructure design.

Seamlessly add capacity and upgrade your existing network

Expand to new areas or get faster access to data with TeraLink.

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