Laser Safety Solution

Optimizing Lazing Opportunities

The X-lumin Laser Safety Solution (X-LSS) was designed to support the X-lumin Lasercom OGS and some versions of the X-lumin Optical Wireless (XOWC) system for moving platforms. However, due it’s flexible design, the X-LSS can be customized to work with other LiDAR / LADAR systems, laser communication and laser imaging systems, and other high-energy systems that use dynamic pointing. Constantly monitoring the laser system, the X-LSS is programmed to deconflict with an event in its environment by detecting and pausing laser transmission until the potential conflict has cleared, then seamlessly resuming operation.

Complete with platform motion correction, the X-LSS can operate on moving platforms such as boats, airplanes, or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and process inertial guidance data. The system uses sensors to provide situational data that ensures against the unintentional lazing of moving objects such as aircraft, satellites, drones, vehicles, equipment, humans, and wildlife. X-LSS is the culmination of over 20 years of designing, developing, and building real-time laser safety systems for government agencies and is now available for the commercial market in support of optimized lazing opportunities.

Laser Safety Product Sheet

For more on X-lumin’s Laser Safety Solution, download the product sheet:

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