Lasercom Optical Ground Station (OGS)

Comprehensive Laser Communications Solution

The X-lumin Lasercom Optical Ground Station (OGS) is a comprehensive laser communications solution providing superior quality ground-to-space optical communications from anywhere in the world. Our OGS functions as a ground terminal supporting bi-directional links to LEO, MEO and GEO satellites. It can operate as a stand-alone OGS or as part of a network. One of the first commercial systems to offer full optimization of spectrum, capacity, speed and safety all in one place, X-lumin’s OGS leads in nextgen capabilities.

A key component of the X-lumin Lasercom OGS is the X-lumin Operating System (XOS). XOS enables full management and control of the OGS from a single (or multi-) user interface with the ability to operate on various platforms – Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, and IOS. In addition, XOS allows us to create a multi-functional, nearly custom, OGS for our clients. Depending on the OTA, capabilities such as Space Situational Awareness (SSA), optical imaging, or Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) can be added to a new (or existing) OGS to allow for dual purposing of expensive telescope and gimbal assemblies.

Lasercom OGS Product Sheet

For more on the X-lumin Lasercom OGS, download the product sheet:

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