SSA Optical Tracking System

Remote Capture and Processing of High-Quality Data

Highly configurable and provided as a turn-key solution, the X-lumin Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Optical Tracking System captures high-quality data radiometrically and metrically calibrated imagery as well as the light curves of LEO, MEO and GEO space objects. The SSA Optical Tracking system can be used as a dedicated SSA system or configured as an add-on capability for: ground-to-space laser communications, Astrophotography, or Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).

The X-lumin Operating System (XOS), manages the SSA Tracking system, providing remote control and remote processing capabilities that allow the user to work in remote locations with low bandwidth capabilities, while still collecting, processing and storing data. The user interface allows access from multiple locations with the option of passing control from one location to another. Third-party software integration with XOS means users are able to access and control the gimbal and sensors in real-time. Also, the user has control of off-site power to the system, and the ability to calibrate from an off-site location, offering independence from local observatory support.

SSA Optical Product Sheet

For more on X-lumin’s SSA Optical Tracking System, download the product sheet:

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